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Brief History

DDK Allahabad is situated at Allahaabd ,one of the ancient city of INDIA, which is politically sensitive, culturally rich. This kendra is having its studio complex at lajpat rai marg and transmitting complex at Drummond road site. This kendra is having 150 square meter studio with most modern television programme production facilities. The transmitting complex is having two 10 KW solid state transmitters. One for transmission of Doordarshan primary channel and other for Doordarshan News Channel. Presently transmission on primary channel in of fashion of Three tier transmission -National,regional and local.

DDE Er S.P.Jaiswal

History of Allahabad

                  The city of Allahabad is among the largest cities of Uttar Pradesh and situated at the confluence of three rivers- Ganga, Yamuna and the invisible Saraswati. The meeting point is known as Triveni and is especially sacred to Hindus. The earlier settlements of the Aryans were established in this city, then known as Prayag” Prayagasya Praveshshu Papam Nashwati Tatkshanam. All sins are cleaned with entry in Prayag (the ancient name of modern time Allahabad) PRAYAG is one of the historic & mythological cities of India with glorious past and present.  It continues to enjoy the distinction of being a place of haunting and lasting memories. It is a city of mixed culture of Hindu, Muslims, Jains and Christians.

                     Its sanctity is manifest by references to it in Purans, the Ramayana and the Mahabharata. According to Hindu Mythology, Lord Brahma, the creator God of the Trinity, chose a land on earth (i.e. Prayag) to perform ‘Prakrista Yag’, at the beginning of the creation and he also refereed to it as Tirth raj or the King of all pilgrimage centres’ As per writing of ‘Padam Puran’ – “As the sun is amongst the moon and the moon amongst the stars, likewise ‘Prayag is best amongst all places of pilgrimage”

                         The bathing at Prayag is mentioned in Brahma Puran s “in the month of Magha at the bank of Ganga Yamuna in Prayag bestows results of millions and millions of Ashvmedha Yajna”

                       Prayag is birth place of Som, Varuna and Prajapati. Prayag has been associated with mythological personalities in Brahmanical (Vedic) and Buddhist Literatures. It was the seat of the great sage Bhardwaj, sage Durvasa and Sage Pannas sage Bhardwaj lived here circa 5000BC and taught more than 10000 disciples. He was the greatest philosopher of ancient world.

                       The Present Jhunsi area very close to sangam was the kingdom of Chandrabanshiya (lunar clan) king Pururava. Nearby Kaushambi bloomed to prosperity during Vatsa and Maurya Rule. The earliest monument of antiques Ashok Pillar with inscriptions of third century B.C. cears the inscriptions of his directions to his fellow rajas and praise of King Samudragupta. The Chinese traveller Huan Tsang in 643 BC found Prayag inhabited by many Hindus who regarded the place very Holy.

                        1575 AD Emperor Akbar founded the city in by the name of “ ILLAHABAS” which has now become ALLAHABAD meant “ The City of Allaha” impressed with the strategic importance of the SANGAM. In medieval India the city enjoyed the honour of being the religio-cultural centre of India. For a long time it was Provincial capital of the Mughals. Later it was captured by Marathas

                       1801 AD- British History of the city begun in this year when the Nawab of Awadh ceded it to the British Throne. British army used the fort for their military purposes.

                      1857 AD- The town was the centre of war of Independence and later became the crucible of Indian Freedom Movement against British.

                      1858 AD- The East India Company officially handed over India to British Government here at Minto Park After the first war of independence the town was named “ALLAHABAD” and was made the capital of United Province of Agra and Awadh.

                      1868 AD- it become a seat of Justice when Allahabad High Court was established.

                     1871AD- British architect Sir William Emerson erected a majestic monument All Saint Cathedral thirty years before he designed the Victoria Memorial in Kolkata.

                     188 AD- Allahabad becomes the fourth oldest University. Allahabad has been rich in numerous Victorian and Georgian buildings made in synthesis with Indian architectural traditions.

                   This city was the heart of the Indian Freedom Movement against the British rule with Anand Bhawan being the epicentre; it was in Allahabad the Mahatma Gandhi proposed his program of non-violent resistance to liberate India. Allahabad has provided the largest number of prime ministers of Post independence India Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru, Lal Bahadur Shastri, Indira Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi, V.P.Singh. Former Prime Minister Chandra Shekher was student of Allahabad University.

                 Allahabad is basically an Administrative and Educational city. High Court of Uttar Pradesh, Auditor General of Uttar Pradesh, Principal Controller of Defence Accounts ( Pension ) PCDA, Uttar Pradesh Madhymik Shiksha Parishad ( UP BOARD ) office, Police HeadQtrs and in education Moti Lal Nehru Regional Engg. College MNREC, Medical and Agriculture College, Indian Institute of Information Technology (IIIT)

               ITI Naini and IIFCO Phulpur, Triveni Glass are some of major industries here.

               From the days of civilization Allahabad has been seat of learning, wisdom and writing. It is the most vibrant politically spiritually conscious and spiritually awakened city of India.

            This city is also known as the home town of "Amitabh  Bacchan"- the maha-nayak of the century.

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DDK Allahabad- Landnarks.

# Landmarks # Ø      1st August 1983    Foundation Laying stone by the then Prime                                          Minister of India Smt. Indira Gandhi.Ø      15th August 1983 – Relay transmission started with 1 KW SIEMENS                                         Transmitter with temporary set up at AIR                                         Allahabad campus.Ø      2nd Dec. 1984       – 10 KW BEL transmitter commissioned at                                             Drummond Road complex, transmission started                                             with 150 m steel mast on Channel 7 on Band III                                             VHF.Ø      Year 2000             -  BEL transmitter replaced with new solid state                                         THOMCAST 10 KW transmitter with one additional                                        transmitter for DD# News.  Ø      7th July 1990       - Studios foundation stone laying done on by the                                      then Prime Minister of India Shri Vishwanath Pratap                                      Singh.Ø      16th Oct 1992      - Land acquisition on cost Rs.88, 39,743 purchased                                      from Labour Department of U.P.Govt.                               Ø     Total area of the studio complex is 11784 sq                                        meters. (including staff quarters)                               Ø     Total cost of studio project 10 crores.                               Ø     150 sq meter Single studio set up conceived as                                                             PGFØ      11th August 1998 – Studio Inaugurated on by then Central Cabinet                                     Minister Dr. Murli Manohar Joshi. Following                                     dignitaries were also present – Minister of                                     Information & Broadcasting Shri Mukhtar Abbas                                              Naqvi, Speaker Vidhan Sabha U.P. Shri Kesari Nath                                     Tripathi and Dr. N.K.S.Gaur Minister of Higher                                     education U.P. Ø      Initially programmes produced by this Kendra were telecast by DDK                                        Lucknow.Ø      1st December 2000 - Local transmission started.                              Ø  Programme capsules were sent to transmitter                                      in video tapes.                             Ø  STL was installed in November 2005 and local                                    transmission started from studio w.e.f. 24/11/2005.                                   (later practice of sending tape to transmitter                                     resumed sue to defect in STL)                             Ø  Local live transmission started w.e.f. 01/12/2005                                   from studio.Ø      Staff quarters - Studio - 17 numbers of staff quarters are there                                             adjacent to studio complex .                                  Type-D=> 4, Type-C=> 6, type-B=> 4.                                          Type-A=> 3.  Ø      Staff quarters – Transmitter - 15 numbers of staff quarters are there                                             adjacent to transmitter complex.                                  Type-D=> 1, Type-C=> 4, type-B=> 7,                                             and type-A=> 3.        


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